Pursuing a Distinctive Equity Strategy for 5 Years


Five years ago, Aquila Three Peaks Opportunity Growth Fund introduced a distinctive investment strategy.

The portfolio managers have charted a course that is unlike that of other equity fund managers, searching for investment opportunities that equity analysts, without a perspective on the full corporate balance sheet, may overlook. The distinctive aspects of the investment strategy include research conducted initially in the high-yield corporate bond market, certain characteristics of corporate management teams and their use of leverage, sector selection, and the market indicators we monitor. We have found that when corporate managers are committed to paying down debt and improving the corporate balance sheet, the results may lead to improvement in the performance of the stock.

The results produced through the implementation of this strategy earned a Lipper Award in their Mid-Cap Core Category for the 3-year period ending 12/31/2014, and have repeatedly placed the Fund among the Wall Street Journal Category Kings Mid-Cap Core funds. In August, 2015 Bloomberg highlighted the investment strategy in a feature published on their web site and in their October, 2015 Bloomberg Markets magazine.  MarketWatch Funds for Thought feature dated September 29, 2015 featured the investment strategy.

Over the past five years, through challenging market and economic shifts, Aquila Three Peaks Opportunity Growth Fund has pursued the Fund objective of capital appreciation, implementing a strategy that is unlike that of other equity funds. We are pleased to share the results with you, and we invite you to take a closer look at Aquila Three Peaks Opportunity Growth Fund. You may find that it is just what you were looking for.


Before investing in the Fund, carefully read about and consider the investment objectives, risks, charges, expenses, and other information found in the Fund prospectus.

Mutual fund investing involves risk and loss of principal is possible. Risks include, but are not limited to, potential loss of value, market risk, financial risk, interest rate and credit risk, and investments in highly-leveraged companies, lower quality debt securities, foreign markets and foreign currencies. Performance current to the most recent month-end is available on this site.

On October 8, 2010, Fund shareholders approved changes in the name, investment sub-adviser and investment strategy of the Fund. On October 15, 2010, the Fund began operations under the name Aquila Three Peaks Opportunity Growth Fund, with Three Peaks Capital Management, LLC as sub-adviser, and an investment strategy that differs meaningfully from the strategy pursued by the previous Fund. Performance prior to that date reflects the previous investment strategy of the Fund.