Tax-Exempt Assets Looking for a Home


In 2016, a record $201 billion in municipal bonds will mature. The bulk of maturing bonds are expected in the June to July time frame. And, a total of $402 billion – the 4th highest annual amount in history – will come from the combination of municipal bonds being called, municipal bond coupon payments, and maturing bonds, over the course of 2016.

Begin making plans to reinvest those assets for tax-exempt income. Yields in the municipal bond market have recently returned to historical norms in which municipal bonds trade at yields of approximately 80% of comparable Treasuries, and taxable equivalent yields remain attractive, particularly for investors in the upper tax brackets.

You will find complete information on Aquila Group of Funds seven state-specific municipal bond funds, exempt from both Federal and State income tax, on this site.

Shares of the Funds may only be sold by offering the Funds’ Prospectus. Before investing in a Fund, carefully read about and consider the investment objectives, risks, charges, expenses, and other information found in the Fund prospectus. The prospectus is available on this site, from your financial adviser, and when you call 800-437-1020.