Tony Tanner on Asset TV Fixed Income Masterclass


On June 20, 2018, Tony Tanner, lead Portfolio Manager of Aquila Tax-Free Trust of Arizona, participated in a Fixed Income Masterclass panel for Asset TV.  Co-panelists were Lisa Black, Taxable Fixed Income Senior Managing Director at Nuveen, and Marty Fridson, Chief Investment Officer with Lehman, Livian, Fridson Advisors.

During the program, Tony Tanner discussed opportunities in the municipal bond market, variations among market yields, the continuing advantage of investing with a double-tax exemption, important fixed-income characteristics that investors should pay attention to, and the importance of professional management in the municipal bond market.  Tony concluded his comments by pointing out his view that “municipal bonds are the blue jeans of the (fixed income) asset class.  They’re never the height of fashion, but they’re always in style.”

In addition to Tony’s comments, Lisa Black provides perspective on the high yield corporate bond market, and Marty Fridson provides a broad perspective on global fixed income markets and the importance of portfolio diversification.

We hope you find the program informative.

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