Aquila Opportunity Growth Fund – A Disciplined Approach to Equity Investing

Stocks are typically valued based on expected earnings or cash flow potential. Yet, the market is often slow to adjust expectations in the face of impending change. We believe the greatest opportunities for investment exist in companies experiencing positive change. Aquila Group of Funds’ equity strategy seeks to identify companies benefiting from positive change, with distinct characteristics, such as improving cash flows, earnings growth, hidden or unappreciated value, high management quality, and strong business models.

The Aquila Advantage

Aquila Opportunity Growth Fund employs a comprehensive investment and research approach to equity investing, designed to deliver the potential for capital appreciation. We utilize a disciplined multi-step investment and research process to uncover growth opportunities resulting from positive change. In particular, we search for securities believed to be undervalued, misevaluated, or generally overlooked in terms of market expectations. This disciplined process is followed for all aspects of our actively managed investment strategy – from idea generation, to comprehensive research, and portfolio construction.

The Fund typically invests a substantial portion of its assets in mid-cap companies, although it has the ability to invest in firms across market capitalizations. Our portfolio management team has extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the equity markets, with a keen ability to manage ever-changing market cycles and conditions.

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Mutual fund investing involves risk; loss of principal is possible. Investment risks include, but are not limited to, potential loss of value, market risk, financial risk, interest rate and credit risk, and investments in highly-leveraged companies, lower-quality debt securities, foreign markets and foreign currencies.

Before investing in the Fund, carefully read about and consider the investment objectives, risks, charges, expenses, and other information found in the Fund prospectus. The prospectus is available from your financial professional, by clicking here, and by calling 800-437-1020.