Overview & Guiding Principles

Aquila Management Corporation, together with its wholly-owned subsidiaries, Aquila Investment Management LLC and Aquila Distributors LLC, is the privately held, independent founder, sponsor and distributor of the Aquila Group of Funds. Mutual funds are our core business.

The Aquila Group of Funds has been providing investment strategies to our valued fund shareholders and their financial advisors since 1984. For 40 years, the financial advisors who recommend the Aquila Group of Funds to their clients have come to value our consistent and disciplined investment approach, which emphasizes knowing what we own while striving to preserve and build upon the value of invested assets. Just as importantly, they have come to value and depend upon our uniquely-tailored high level of service for not only our shareholders, but their financial advisors as well. We value this trust and intend to continually strive to maintain it.

Primarily specializing in fixed income investments, the Aquila Group of Funds has combined assets of over $2 billion and currently consists of 9 funds: 7 single state municipal bond funds, a high-yield corporate bond fund and an equity fund.

Reasons to choose Aquila
We strive to be exceptionally shareholder oriented in everything we do. We are extremely cognizant of the fact that it is your money and in the case of our municipal bond funds, your money invested in projects in your communities and state. We are committed to providing services specifically designed with our shareholders and their financial advisers in mind. We, therefore, do our very best to treat each and every shareholder as an individual and not just an account number. This philosophy is turned into action by providing easy-to-read and understand communications (which are free of financial jargon) and holding in-state, open annual meetings where shareholders can meet the people responsible for handling their investment and ask any questions they might have. We have always believed in the importance of aligning our interests with our shareholders and clients and have done so since the inception of the Aquila Group of Funds, far ahead of heightened SEC disclosure in this regard and the focus of such highly regarded organizations as Morningstar. This alignment applies to not only the executive team, but also the trustees of the funds and the portfolio managers.

Our Guiding Principles

Manage conservatively. Most people are more sensitive to potential investment losses than they are eager for outsized gains. We manage our bond funds accordingly.

Focus on what we know best. Our core investment skill is finding securities that we believe have a sound basis for investment. We do this through research conducted by locally-based municipal bond teams, and through the research and analysis of equity/high-yield teams, who emphasize corporate visits.

Put customers first. The money we manage belongs to those who entrust it to us. We view every interaction with investors and advisors as an opportunity to strengthen a relationship.

Know what’s important. We measure success by how well we meet expectations. By working to satisfy our shareholders, the success of our business will follow.