Forms & Applications

Uniform Application - Class A / C / I / Y Shares

UGMA-UTMA Custody Transfer Form

Important Notice Regarding IRA Rollovers

(Individual Retirement Account, Traditional IRA, SEP IRA, and Roth IRA)

IRA - Required Minimum Distribution Form

IRA - Distribution Request Form

IRA - Beneficiary Designation Change Form

Roth IRA Conversion - Internal
(use to covert an IRA already with Aquila/BNY)

Roth IRA Conversion - External
(use to convert an IRA coming to Aquila/BNY from another institution)

IRA Recharacterization - Internal
(use when IRA is already with Aquila/BNY)

IRA Recharacterization - External
(use when contribution being recharacterized is coming to Aquila/BNY from another institution)

Letter of Intent

NAV Investment Restriction Letter

Ready Access Features Form
Authorize changes in dividend, investment, and redemption service options.

Transfer on Death (TOD) Registration Request Form

Electronic Deposit Request (ACH) Form

Shareholder Transaction Requirements
(Redemption, Name Change, Address Change, Deceased Shareholder)

Affidavit of Domicile

Name Change Form

Broker Dealer Change Form

Cost Basis Election Form

Trusted Contact Designation Form