Investor Education

Aquila firmly believes in the value of having well-informed investors. We go to great lengths to provide our shareholders with simple, easy-to-read explanations of sometimes complex investing concepts. Provided below are several links which may aid you in your overall understanding of investing. We plan to expand this area on an ongoing basis, so please check back periodically.


From how our municipal bond funds operate to an explanation of SEC and distribution yields, check out our FAQs for answers to your questions.

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Cost-Basis Reporting

The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 requires the reporting of mutual fund cost basis and holding period information to both the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and shareholders on Form 1099B for gross redemption proceeds from shares acquired on or after January 1, 2012 (covered shares). Beginning with the 2012 tax year, Form 1099B will provide the cost basis calculation method applicable to shares acquired after January 1, 2012 and subsequently redeemed, and the purchase date of those shares.

Consult Your Tax Adviser
We strongly encourage you to consult your professional tax adviser prior to making a Cost Basis Reporting election or redeeming shares, in order to discuss any questions you may have about your Cost Basis Reporting options.

Neither the Funds nor the Shareholder Servicing Agent are able to provide you with tax or legal advice.

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Investing in Bonds (SIFMA)

Geared toward many types of investors-from beginners to experienced equity investors who are new to bonds to sophisticated bond investors, is a unique source of bond price information and includes a wide variety of market data, news, commentary and information about bonds. The site, which has been ranked as a top investor site for bonds by Money, CNBC, Forbes, and others, was mostly also named one of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine’s two 2009 Best Investing Sites for its information for newcomers and data for experts. The site is continually enhanced and updated with new data, information and features.

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