Simplify Investing and Information Delivery

You can simplify a number of transactions related to your investments in Aquila Group of Funds, and simplify the manner in which you receive important information.

Simplify Investing

You can avoid the delays and security concerns associated with checks or instructions traveling through the U.S. mail.

Make use of Automatic Clearing House (“ACH”) transfers between your fund account and your bank account. See Automatic Clearing House instructions, below.1

  • Have dividends deposited directly to your bank account.
  • Add to your investment with the ease of a telephone call. Invested amounts go directly from your designated bank account to your fund account.
  • Have redemption proceeds deposited directly to your designated bank account.
  • Establish or modify an Automatic Investment Plan. You may make regularly scheduled investments, drawn from your designated bank account.

Securely Log In to your Account at, to select from the many services which are available to simplify your investing experience.

  • Update your address.
    • A notification will always be sent to the prior and the new address, for confirmation purposes.
  • Update your dividend and capital gain distribution options.
  • Begin or maintain an Automatic Investment Plan.
  • Sign up for e-Delivery (See e-Delivery instructions, below.2)
  • Exchange among funds within Aquila Group of Funds.
  • Download historical statements and tax forms.
  • Export your account transaction history to a spreadsheet.
  • Establish or modify a Systematic Withdrawal Plan.
  • Select or amend your Cost Basis Reporting option.

Simplify Information Delivery

With e-Delivery, you can simplify the delivery of important information by having notifications sent to your preferred email address.  See e-Delivery instructions, below.2   e-Delivery notifications are available for:

  • An upcoming Fund Shareholder meeting or a Proxy requiring your vote.
  • An updated account statement or new transaction confirmation.
  • Tax forms related to your investment.
  • An updated Fund Prospectus.
  • An updated Annual or Semi-Annual report for your Fund.

1 Automatic Clearing House (“ACH”) instructions

Use Automatic Clearing House (“ACH”) instructions to transfer money quickly and securely between your fund account and your designated bank account.  This capability may be used for the purchase of shares, either one-time investments or regularly scheduled repeating investments, and for the direct deposit of dividends or redemption proceeds.

Complete the Ready Access Features Form (link or location), identifying your designated bank account and the services you would like to use.

2 E-Delivery instructions

As soon as an Aquila Group of Funds shareholder communication becomes available, we’ll email a link to you so that you can view or download the document. For quarterly account statements, annual tax forms and transaction confirmations, we’ll provide a secure link where you can log on to your account to access the form and/or view your account history.

You may establish, change or cancel your e-Delivery options, or change your e-mail address in your e-Delivery enrollment profile at any time by going to: and clicking on the “Sign In” link.  Once signed in, scroll over the “Account Options” tab and click on “E-Delivery Option” to access your e-delivery enrollment options.

If you have any difficulty accessing your account or viewing reports online, please contact the Aquila Group of Funds Shareholder Services Team at 800-437-1000. Our representatives are available between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.