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Municipal Bond Funds

The Impact of Sales Tax Revenues

Economic activity in Colorado came to a screeching halt in March 2020 as unemployment surged,

February 8, 2022

Municipal Bond Funds

Chris Johns on Asset TV’s May Muni Bond News

Aquila Group of Funds Portfolio Manager, Chris Johns, was a guest on Asset TV’s May

May 7, 2021


Are You Free of Your Tax Bill for the Year?

This year, the IRS has extended the individual tax deadline to May 17th, but in

April 13, 2021


Early tax returns are demonstrating the importance of tax-exempt income

Many Americans are anxious to find out what the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of

February 25, 2019


Tax Reform 2017 – what does it mean for tax-exempt investments?

While the current tax reform proposal by the White House lacks details, the outline released

June 21, 2017