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Market & Economic Outlook

Reinvestment Risk: The Forgotten Risk?

How an Active Fixed Income Strategy May Help Mitigate Reinvestment Risk More than two years

September 21, 2023

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Arizona’s Growing Semiconductor Industry – Meeting the Demand

As referenced in a recent article by The Arizona Republic, the State of Arizona is

September 15, 2023

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High-Yield Update: Leisure Sector Buoyed by Increased Cruise Spending

As reported in a recent article published by Bloomberg, the leisure sector of the high-yield

September 14, 2023

Market & Economic Outlook

Continued Economic Strength in Utah

The State of Utah has continued to experience impressive economic growth, particularly as it rebounds

August 9, 2023

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Insights Into Kentucky’s Economic Improvements

As stated in an article published by The Bond Buyer, dated 7/26/23, the Commonwealth of

August 4, 2023

Market & Economic Outlook

High-Yield Update: Enhancing Yield and Managing Risk

In an exclusive interview with Asset TV, David Schiffman—Lead Portfolio Manager of Aquila High Income

July 31, 2023

Municipal Bond Funds

The Resiliency of Municipal Bonds

Throughout their history, municipal bonds have generally been viewed as a conservative investment choice for

December 31, 2022

Municipal Bond Funds

Municipal Bond Market Update from Aquila

Changing Market Cycles: Adding Context and Perspective An increase in interest rates that had been

December 21, 2022

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The Lowdown on High-Yield Bonds

David Schiffman, Lead Portfolio Manager of Aquila High Income Fund, was a featured guest on

July 20, 2022

Market & Economic Outlook

Mid-Year Municipal Bond Market Update

James (JT) Thompson of Aquila Group of Funds was featured on Asset TV’s Muni Bond

July 15, 2022