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Market & Economic Outlook

Equity Insights: Maintaining a Disciplined Investment Approach

Investors experienced another eventful year in 2023. From market volatility, to economic uncertainty, to geopolitical

February 16, 2024

Aquila Opportunity Growth Fund

Aquila Opportunity Growth Fund: Year in Review

The current investment team overseeing Aquila Opportunity Growth Fund celebrated its one-year anniversary managing the

December 30, 2022

Market & Economic Outlook

Identifying Strong Business Models: How Moats Protect Companies from Competition

Mutual fund managers evaluate many characteristics of potential investment opportunities. The investment team at Aquila

June 24, 2022

Market & Economic Outlook

Pedro Marcal Featured on Asset TV’s Mid-Cap Masterclass

Pedro Marcal, Director of Equities and High Yield, Lead Portfolio Manager of Aquila Opportunity Growth

May 9, 2022

Press Room

A New Approach to Equity and High-Yield Investing

Portfolio Managers Pedro Marcal and David Schiffman Featured on Asset TV Aquila’s equity and high-yield

December 17, 2021

Aquila High Income Fund

We Recognize and Celebrate Three Retiring Trustees

At Aquila Group of Funds, the hallmark of our time-tested municipal bond fund strategy has

February 6, 2020