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Market & Economic Outlook

High-Yield Highlights: Keeping a Long-Term Perspective

Bond investors experienced another eventful year in 2023. From market volatility, to economic uncertainty, to

February 16, 2024

Market & Economic Outlook

Reinvestment Risk: The Forgotten Risk?

How an Active Fixed Income Strategy May Help Mitigate Reinvestment Risk More than two years

September 21, 2023

Market & Economic Outlook

High-Yield Update: Enhancing Yield and Managing Risk

In an exclusive interview with Asset TV, David Schiffman—Lead Portfolio Manager of Aquila High Income

July 31, 2023

Aquila High Income Fund

Aquila High Income Fund: Year in Review

The current investment team overseeing Aquila High Income Fund celebrated its one-year anniversary at the

December 30, 2022

Market & Economic Outlook

Managing Duration Amid Rising Interest Rates

As the Federal Reserve (“the Fed”) continues its trek to tamper down historically high inflation

July 15, 2022

Press Room

A New Approach to Equity and High-Yield Investing

Portfolio Managers Pedro Marcal and David Schiffman Featured on Asset TV Aquila’s equity and high-yield

December 17, 2021

Aquila High Income Fund

We Recognize and Celebrate Three Retiring Trustees

At Aquila Group of Funds, the hallmark of our time-tested municipal bond fund strategy has

February 6, 2020