Aquila Tax-Free Fund of Colorado

School Enrollment and Its Impact on Funding

Each year, October 1st is the day that Colorado counts students to determine the per-pupil



2022 Colorado Bond Election Preview

On November 8, 2022, Colorado voters will be faced with approximately $1.3 billion of K-12



Aquila Recognizes and Honors Retired Trustee, John W. Mitchell

At Aquila Group of Funds, the hallmark of our time-tested municipal bond fund strategy has


Municipal Bond Funds

Mutual Funds and Yield Calculations

Investors looking for an income-producing investment may choose to invest in mutual funds that can


Press Room

The Lowdown on High-Yield Bonds

David Schiffman, Lead Portfolio Manager of Aquila High Income Fund, was a featured guest on


Market & Economic Outlook

Mid-Year Municipal Bond Market Update

James (JT) Thompson of Aquila Group of Funds was featured on Asset TV’s Muni Bond


Market & Economic Outlook

Managing Duration Amid Rising Interest Rates

As the Federal Reserve (“the Fed”) continues its trek to tamper down historically high inflation


Market & Economic Outlook

Identifying Strong Business Models: How Moats Protect Companies from Competition

Mutual fund managers evaluate many characteristics of potential investment opportunities. The investment team at Aquila


Municipal Bond Funds

Understanding De Minimis as it Relates to Municipal Bonds

The primary benefits offered by municipal bonds are generally well known to investors. Chief among


Aquila Tax-Free Trust of Oregon

Oregon’s Bond Measure Results: May 2022 Primary Election

In unofficial election results, Oregon residents approved over $800 million of general obligation municipal bonds